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Why If..Else has not been upgraded to WP2.0


Well, it’s been common knowledge for a while now but the launch of WordPress 2.0 aka Duke has now been officially announced on the main WP development blog.

As someone who’s a longtime WP user, a diligent upgrader, subscribed to the various WP dev mailing lists, played around with the latest SVN codeset, and helps out from from time to time on the WP support forum, you’d probably be expecting that I would have been first in line to upgrade. If that was the case, then you’d be wrong. So, why am I not upgrading?

Asking the wrong question

Owen’s asked a fair question; why aren’t more people upgrading? Judging by the response that he’s received thus far, a lot of the concerns are in regards to the upgrade process and concerns about plugin incompatibility. There are concerns about the stability of the rushed release and the lack of official announcements hasn’t helped.

All of these are quite correct and go someway towards answering Owen’s query. However, in my case, personally speaking, things are a lot simpler. It’s not so much why aren’t I upgrading but why should I upgrade?

What’s in it for me?

First off, to stem off the immediate counter-responses, I’m fully aware what’s new and improved in WP 2.0. This is not about that; in fact, if I was setting up a new blog, I’d easily choose WP2.0. Wait a minute, I didWhen setting up my photoblog, a lot of the features came in handy. For example, I didn’t need to physically markup what was the photo, where it was taken etc… This was all taken care of in the theme I designed so all I had to do was click the upload button, write my posts and voila. No divs or html code in sight.. No thought required.

The problem is that when it comes to upgrading a blog, there is some thought required. I have to mentally weigh up the benefits of upgrading against the cost of upgrading. Is this worth the effort, the time and the hassle? Even if there were no plugin incompatibilities, even if the new release didn’t have any new bugs or issues, I would still have to decide whether or not I would sufficiently benefit from this release.

What’s there?

OK, let’s have a look, shall we?

The rich text WYSIWYG editor

I can see how this would be useful for many and tinymce is a fine choice. And whilst some would consider such to be bulk, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s not perfect and it’s not for me, but it’s optional so I turn it off. Since I don’t care in the least about it being there however, that means that, by definition, it’s also not a compelling reason for me to upgrade.

Admin Redesign and sprinkings of AJAX

Ahh, so it’s no longer plain and minimal. Some of the work done with the Shuttle project has made it’s way into the WP core. However, with the advent of Tiger Admin plugin, it’s a case of too little, too late. Whilst Steve’s plugin is generally cosmetic and the admin overhaul is much more than that, there’s not really enough there to act as a deal breaker for me.

Ping Delay Removed, Improved Post Preview, New Built-In Plugins

Nice? Yes. Killer features? Well, not quite.

The ping delay was annoying but I’ve dealt with it and moved on. Besides, that little delay gives me a few seconds thinking/tab switching time. The post preview is quite handy, but once again, I’ve learnt to live without it quite comfortably. The bundled plugins? DB-backup is very useful but I’ve had it installed for a while now. Akismet? Spam is managable at present with Bad Behaviour and other measures. Should situations change, I’m smart enough to try it out.

Persistent Cache

Oh how I wish this site was popular enough that this mattered.

Image/File Uploading

Me use, me like, …but not enough.

New Import System, User Roles and Capabilities, User Metadata, Presentation Page Changes

Another case of the wrong audience scenario. No need to import, no need to support multiple users. That said, I’m fully behind these improvements and will prove handy for new sites but the question was why upgrade, so the answer unfortunately is once again, meh.

Moved Javascript/Images, Theme Admin Pages, More Abstracted Data Layer, Database Versioning

All good choices and once again, all totally irrelevant when it comes to convincing me to upgrade. The last two will be handy for subsequent upgrades and future work, but it’s all about the present. Nothing here for today.

Convince me

Now that I’ve said my piece, my question for Owen, Matt et al is: why should I upgrade? Convince me, because I’ve been playing and using WP 2.0 for a while now and I just don’t see enough reasons there as yet. Looking forward to 2.1 and beyondIf nothing else, it looks like we may get some improvements to the Dashboard.? Yes but for now, I’m quite happy with Strayhorn.


22 Responses to “Why If..Else has not been upgraded to WP2.0”

  1. Gravatar Owen

    Hey, don’t think I’m going to try to convince you when you’ve got good reasons not to. It’s certainly not for everyone.

    To generalize on most of the answers I’ve read so far, the response is one of:

    1) I’m not upgrading because my favorite plugin/theme doesn’t work.

    2) I’m not upgrading because there is no benefit to me over what I have

    3) I’m not upgrading because of flaws in the development/testing/release process for which I’ll wait for patches.

    Any of these could also factor heavily into one’s decision to upgrade some blogs and not others.

  2. Gravatar Phu

    Holy smokes, quick response Batman!

    You’re right about this upgrade not being one for everyone though. For previous releases, I’ve always urged people to upgrade (albeit, alleviating security concerns was a major factor in the past). It’s a measure of how far WP has matured that we’re at the stage where we can say that we no longer need to use the latest and greatest.

    That said, I fit a little too conveniently into category 2 in your little list there:)

  3. Gravatar Devlin Palmer

    I’ve just upgraded to 2.0 (seconds before viewing this..) I can say that there are some differences from 1.5, pros and cons. For one, I can’t stand the administration panel. I don’t like AJAX, it just is bells and whistles. I especially don’t like rich text editors, there’s no point.

    It’s more of a matter of what you have and what you need. For some, all you need is in Strayhorn, and for some, what they need is in the new version.

    I only upgrade if I need to, or, more often, if I want to test it to see what it’s like.

  4. Gravatar lr

    The AJAX is quite unsightly (completely illegible and very much in the way on Firefox). As for the other “enhancements” – theme thumbnails, uploads, WYSIWYG editor, etc. – erm, you’re right: Completely unnecessary.

    Were I not just playing around with WP software, I probably wouldn’t have updated myself. There is an option to turn off WYSIWIG, none of my plugins broke (Tiger admin is just fine and far preferable) and the upgrade was in all other ways painless, but without security enhancements, I’d say it’s a matter of preference.

    Good call. :)

  5. Gravatar Chris

    Well, I’ll get around to upgrading once I’ve worked out a new theme for my site. I don’t feel the rush to upgrade that there was with 1.5. I think this is due, in large part, to the lack of hype surrounding WP 2.0. Sure, there are articles about 2.0 but, many are like this post in saying why they aren’t upgrading as opposed to all the hoopla regarding Strayhorn’s launch.

  6. Gravatar is

    Owen asks why?

    Owen asks:

       “I’ve noticed that a few people aren’t installing WordPress 2.0. Rather, some folks have tried to install it and decided that it wasn’t ready for them yet. Still other people have decided that 2.0 doesn’t offer th…

  7. Gravatar brendan

    I’ve actually attempted an upgrade.

    To be honest – for me the actual clean-up of code and the results of the upgraded db have put me off updating my current 1.5.x install.

    I’m more likely to start a new blog (oddly enough I have been pondering some ideas, WP 2.0 might be handy for that) but I’m not sure I’ll actually ever upgrade the current blog.

    Compatibility concerns aside (they are going to be transitory as fixes come along) it’s actually a case of simply just not enough ‘new’ or rather ‘useful’ features to warrant it.

    Ultimately what makes WP great isn’t the administration (that’s really never been the case) – it’s the actual engine and the ability to present information easily, that draws people in..

    As Phu rightly suggests, it’s a credit to the product that massive template changes aren’t needed – but that is not the same thing as improving the existing template tag set and introducing new features (something that would have been welcomed I suspect).

  8. Gravatar dave

    Nail on the head. I was using the 1.5 releases a few months early, but that was when the site started. There are a few plugin concerns for me, but it’s mostly making sure I have the time to deal with any hiccups (live implementation is the only way to fly).

    That said, I’m playing around with 2.0 in my sandbox, working on flickrRSS 3.0 and a style-set for K2. It’ll come soon enough.

  9. Gravatar khaled

    I’ll be upgrading simply because I like to be up to date with these things. I’m not in any rush though.

    I would just like to say that the admin section has got a LONG way to go before it’s in tune with what we’ve been designing. When 2.1 rolls out in the not too distant future hopefully that alone will be worth the upgrade. While I like the Tiger admin I don’t think it’s the correct way to go for the out of the box admin. January is the last month I devote hours to the admin section so come hell or high water it will be done god dammit :).

  10. Gravatar Extrujado

    ¿Does your Flex Theme work on WordPress 2?

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  13. Gravatar Lewis Mann

    Hey mate,
    Looks like you were right not to upgrade. I tested 2.0 and had some horrible results. Luckily everything was backed up, although it was a pain to get everything working again. Even when 2.1 is released, I’m going to wait a couple weeks to see how it runs elsewhere. I need to be convinced after my last experience.

  14. Gravatar Eric V. Orange

    I tried this on your “contact” page, but it kept tellng me to fill in the required fields, which i did.

    Hello Phu,
    I am working on creating my first blog and I love the template you created called gentle calm.
    I have a question though. My blog will be called WineWatch.org and I have had a logo created that I would like to use in place of “name” in the header. Is it possible to use a graphic up there rather than the name? I’m a bit new to programming per se, so i’m not sure if i’m asking a stupid question.


  15. Gravatar Matt Van Dusen

    I don’t just run 2.0 on my blog, but I keep the code synced with the SVN repository, using a crontab schedule. Naturally, the script I’m using grabs backups of my database and current files before any upgrade. Even if the Janitor Prime flushes something important, I’m covered.

    So far, I’m really happy with the development path of 2.0.

  16. Gravatar Brandon Hopkins

    I haven’t upgraded because my theme stops working with 2.01…Hopefully the creator will port it to work with 2 soon. I’d love to use the new features.

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  18. Gravatar Leonardo

    Does the “Timeofday” plugin work with the WP2.0?

  19. Gravatar 3DSL Eugen

    upgrade to 2.0.5 now :)