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Custom Field bug

I’ve now made use of the new WP 1.5 Pages feature to add an about page to the site.

I am, however, encountering a bug in the admin panel when using Firefox. To specify a custom template for a page, you need to add a custom field called _wp_page_template. If I use Firefox to do this however, the value of the field is not entered into the system and instead is defaulted. I have to either use IE or manually update the DB to rectify this. Is anyone else encountering this bug?

Update: Coffelius left a comment on this entry which provides a workaround for this issue. For the convenience of anyone else who may be suffering from this issue, the fix is as follows:

In your /wp-admin/post.php page, comment out the following section on line 425 as shown:

if ($post_status == 'static') {
		/*if ( ! update_post_meta($post_ID, '_wp_page_template',  $_POST['page_template'])) {
			add_post_meta($post_ID, '_wp_page_template',  $_POST['page_template'], true);


2 Responses to “Custom Field bug”

  1. Gravatar coffelius

    Hello ! I had the same problem but i have not another browser else the BEST firefox.
    I solved the problem successfuly commenting two lines of code. Take a look at my blog and identify the code. I’m sorry my english is very baaaaad. Is in spanish: Static pages with WordPress 1.5 custom field bug”