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Kottke mini drive

I am a kottke.org micropatron

Kottke.org has been on my daily reading list for a long while now, so it’s great to see him devote even more time to his column. I admire his decision to do it full-time and wish him all the best.


2 Responses to “Kottke mini drive”

  1. Gravatar david

    Yes, but do you enjoy Kottke enough to pay for it? Bold move on his part…but I’m very skeptical of the potential for success.

  2. Gravatar If Else

    I agree, it’s an extremely bold move on his part. There’s probably only a handful of site that could survive on the generosity of it’s readers – DaringFireball, Raymond Chen and Signal vs Noise. Kottke is fully aware that this is a poor economic decision; as he states quite clearly, he’s probably giving up 50-70% of his income by blogging full-time but that in itself is a statement. He cares and believes enough that he is willing to take this path in spite of that knowledge and for that, he should be applauded.