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Release of the Gentle Calm theme

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Announcing the release of the Gentle Calm theme.

Gentle Calm is a clean, relaxing theme based on a design originally intended for private use. It’s something of a rarity amongst WP themes in that it is liquid design using em’s for placement rather than a fixed width, pixel based design

To download the Gentle Calm theme, head on over to the Gentle Calm theme page.


8 Responses to “Release of the Gentle Calm theme”

  1. Gravatar Kerim Friedman

    I really liked your theme and already installed it on my blog. However, I’ve run into a small problem which I think you should fix. It seems that you forgot to include a modified page.php and single.php file in your theme. In order for the nav bar not to be displaced, these need to be modified so that there is one additional closing div tag just before the include line. A small detail, but I think you should fix it because I fully expect you to win at least one of the many prizes in the contest!

  2. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks for the heads-up on that one Kerim as well as the kind words.

    I’ve made a couple of quick fixes to comments.php/sidebar.php so that you don’t get a displaced sidebar on pages/posts when there are no comments.

  3. Gravatar Kerim Friedman

    I’m pretty happy with how I’ve set things up now. I added some specs for lists (more space between lines and initial circles), eliminated the alternating styles for comments, made the color of blockquotes a dark brown so it is easier to read, and a few other tweaks – but mostly it is still the original theme.

    One thing I can’t figure out, however, is why URLs aren’t wrapping when they appear in text in the main index page, but they are wrapping when they appear on individual archive pages. For the life of me I can’t figure out why this would be the case! Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for your wonderful design!

  4. Gravatar Kerim Friedman

    Problem Solved!


  5. Gravatar How To Blog

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  6. Gravatar Harvey

    Thanks for Gentle Calm! I have been looking for a full screen theme for a while now.

    One question, would it be ossible to strech the post conents out so they also are 100% width? So they reach right up to the sidebar on the right, and all the way back to the left? I can’t seem to find where the width is being constrained.

    Any tips appreciated, thanks for the great work!

  7. Gravatar gsyi

    Wow, nice theme, thanks :-)

  8. Gravatar Srinath

    Thx for it :) seems like a decent skin :)