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Fantastically realistic pencil art

Fantastically realistic pencil art by Graphite Cat.

456 Berea Street redesigns

456 Berea Street redesigns. Looks very nice.

Measuring How NBA Players Help Their Teams Win

Dan T. Rosenbaum, an economics professor, writes on how statistics help measure how NBA players help their teams win.

Laura K. Pahl is a Plagiarist

What follows is the epic saga of a random instant message that came to me from a stranger this weekend, asking whether I wanted to be paid to write a college paper for her. Bitch didn’t know she was fucking with a comedy writer….

Nate Kushner punishes a plagiarist
Update: The situation comes to a resolution.

Joel’s 2nd Road to FogBugz article

Joel’s 2nd Road to FogBugz article is about dogfooding and how Bayesian filtering was developed.

Goal Directed Design

An old Cooper article on the design of group calenders.

Where we are today

Part of the reason why I rushed through this redesign was the realisation that the typical blog layout, that is a strictly reverse chronological listing of posts, wasn’t really a good match for me and how I use this site. Back in the early days of this site’s conception, there were no real plans to make it anything more than a personal, accessible bookmarks manager. This was in the rebel days of blogging, a time in which WP wasn’t as popular as it is now and where I was still running my own sites on a CMS that I had written from scratch.

This site was my first experimentation with WP; actually if I’m honest, I first tried out MT and a few other publishing systems but WP was the first one which really clicked with me. So I used it, and slowly it started to corrupt me. I liked the way it worked and how easy it was to work. And so, I used it more and even let it replace the home-brew system on my other sites.

The problem was that If…Else wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. Stuck in a pseudo mid-life crisis, part of it still wanted to continue to be itself i.e. a collection of stupid little links but another part also wanted to have the flexibility to branch out into slightly longer meanderings.

And so this current system came about. Finally, it can still be it’s happy-go-lucky self with random mini links (now called shorts) being added frequently. These can now be seperated from longer, less digestible segments, which will form the ‘real meat’ of this site. Of course that’s misleading. The shorts are, and probably always will be, more frequently updated. But somehow, that’s right. It all makes sense now.

Behind the scenes of FogBugz’s development

Joel’s running a five-part behind-the-scenes look at the development of FogBugz 4.0. The first article is about listening to customers and ignoring competitors.


A great looking photoblog, as is this one.

Daniel Buren’s Guggenheim exhibit

Jake Dobkin has some pictures of the Daniel Buren giant mirrored structure at the Guggenheim.