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When did English English become deprecated?

Can someone remind me when it was that American became the official english? It seems that every other program is assuming that the only form of english in existance is that of the big US of A. They even taunt us by very kindly allowing us to choose American English.

American English

Somehow it just managed to sneak it’s way in. I’m even finding myself writing stuff like “color” and “internationalize” now…


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  1. Gravatar SCPanther

    We still have nothing to compare with Monty Python, though. That’s got to count for something, right? Thanks to them, I’ve called my little sister a “git” for most of our lives.

    Oh, and my Bookshelf page lists books I’m planning on reading as being “In the Queue”

    Consider that my olive branch. Actually, I would support a move to standardize on U.K. English, but it would have to be Cockney. ;-)