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WDoD – Better late than never

World day of design

Get your own life size X-Wing on eBay

If only I could add this to my wishlist.

Fridge magnets gone bad

Stop stealing my letters! A fantastic showcase of co-operation and subversion using flash.

25 years of post-its

A fantastic writeup on the birth of the humble post-it note.

Design hall of shame pt1

Sometimes I dispair at the level of poor design inflicted on the public. There are times where you see examples of such inanity that you have to wonder how the hell they managed to make their way out to the real world. The application form for a student bus pass is a prime case in point. My brother was required to fill out his details by Transport for London when he came across the following pieces of genius.

First, have a look at exhibit 1 which I’ve highlighted and tagged appropriately.

Form Stupidity 1

Now, item number 1 is where they request a date of birth. Nothing wrong with that, as this is an application for a 16-17 photo-card. It’s item number 2, however, which is the puzzling item. Forgive me if I’m wrong but to calculate the date when someone becomes 18 when you already have their date of birth is not really that difficult. Do they really need to allocate a seperate field to request that this is filled out for them? Has the TFL recruitment team found it hard to recruit people with the ability to add?

Next, let’s have a look at exhibit 2.

Form Stupidity 2

Now they have two sets of fields next to each other labelled 16 and 17 respectively (unfortunately I’ve cropped 17 out of the picture. Apologies). At first glance you may think they have those fields to ask for your current age and which, presumably, you would tick. However, they have interestingly provided two character boxes to each field. Then it dawns on you that maybe they’re asking for the year in which you turn 16 and 17. Yes, just as it was hard for them to work out the year in which you turn 18 from your date of birth, they also have difficulty working out what year you turn 16 and 17 as well. It must have also been difficult for them to provide a more appropriate label or description than 16 and 17.

How the hell someone got paid for designing this abomination, I just do not know.

Elbow room

Dan Cederholm lends his design skills to a serious issue that’s been plaguing all commuters.

A cappella Nintendo music

A cappella Nintendo music: Fantastic!

Hot chocolate

How to make a fire using a can of coke and a chocolate bar! The rest of the site is interesting as well to those who have enjoyed Ray Mears’ Bushcraft series.

Tweaks and touches

It seems that the only things that I write about on this site are to do with redesigns. It’s almost as if I like the concept of having a blog more than the actual blogging itself… Anyways, as you can see, I’ve hacked together a “clean” version of the cobalt theme (though be warned, live tweaking is still in progress). The themes are, naturally, selectable via the theme switcher on the sidebar.

The header logo for the clean theme, inspired by the wonderful Morgun Knutson, was made with the help of my brother.

So which theme do you prefer?

Watershed Studio’s versioning plugin

A fantastic posts versioning plugin for WP. Something which I’ve been longing for a while now and it looks to be a great boon.