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Finding out the rules

When earlier this year, a certain individual decided to create a network of weblogs, I noted the fact and carried on.However, as the network started to take shape and many of my favourite online destinations started to join the network, I began to take more and more notice. And as well as seeing some old faces, I was introduced to some new ones.

So when a second round of submissions was opened, I decided to throw my dice and see if I could sneak in…

Bubble popped

…And then I saw some of the other entries.

These were all sites that I was already subscribing or will be subscribing to. These were sites that easily match up to the criteria of great content. These were exactly the type of sites that I love reading. And these sites were all leagues ahead of my own.

No big deal, my submission was never really much more than a flight of fancy but I walked away content and indeed happy knowing that I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to some wonderful words.

Fit of lunacy

Nine rules

So when a mysterious email from Paul Scrivens arrived in my inbox at the end of last week, I wasn’t expecting much more than a polite email explaining why my submission was unsuccessful. I definitely wasn’t expecting an invitation to join the network.

Well, so much for the quality assurance; anyhow, if they’re crazy enough to think that this site matches up to the current members, then that’s their mistake:) I wasn’t going to give them a chance to come to their senses and fired off my acceptance.

And so here we are today; I’m now an official 9Ruler.

Doing things betterer

So, why join? Well, probably there’s a shallow part wriggling inside of me. I guess I like having my words read. There’s a simple pleasure in finding a comment on some words that I’ve written (there’s a not so subtle hint there :wink:) but it’s good to know that maybe, there is just one other person in the world that enjoys reading my crap. And knowing that gives me an incentive to invest time on my words and helps motivate me to write betterer (sic).

And that’s pretty much why I joined.

I joined because I’m not compelled or forced to write about something I’m not interested in. I don’t have to plug anything I’m not comfortable with, and I’m not going to pollute the site with ads. I’m not given a list of stuff that I have to write something on and I’m not forced to change my style of writing. I’m just continuing what I was doing before, something that I enjoy. The difference is that I now have an opportunity to do it in front of a wider audience and with the support of some fantastic people.

I view 9Rules as a catalyst for better writing. It’s not going to change what I write about or how, at least not directly. It’ll be exactly the same drivel, just more so.

Update: I’ve just read Paul’s announcement and I have to say, thanks. I’m glad that big bag of money I gave you paid off:)


25 Responses to “Finding out the rules”

  1. Gravatar Colin D. Devroe

    Welcome to the Network, love the design and content. Double-threat guy!

  2. Gravatar Lisa McMillan

    Hey man, great to see they found you and got you to join! I’ve been reading your site for ages! Welcome! :-)

  3. Gravatar Scrivs

    Yeah, we like to take risks with some of the members, but you are no risk. You are a sure bet.

    Oh and your Boulton link is broken. Amazingly all of the American links work…

  4. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks guys!

  5. Gravatar Christopher

    Congrats on being accepted, Phu!

  6. Gravatar Shawn Grimes

    Congrats Phu. It’s great to see you in network. I had a feeling you’d make it in but I didn’t want to say anything and jinx it for ya. Keep up the good work!

  7. Gravatar Daniel NIcolas

    One of the most creative 9rules acceptance posts to date. Why hadn’t I found this site before. Subscribe immediately.

    =) Awesome design as well.

  8. Gravatar Ben

    Well done Phu – nice to see a fellow Londoner in the list.

  9. Gravatar Bryan

    Yay, Phu’s here! Let the party begin! :D

  10. Gravatar Brian Benzinger

    Cool stuff, welcome to the network, Phu =] I’ve been subscribed to your site for a few months now. Always good content, and I love all of the Shorts that you post up! Keep it up and once again, welcome!

  11. Gravatar Mathias

    w00t! Congrats!

  12. Gravatar Dave

    Nice Phu! I always enjoy reading your sidenotes, there a gem of the web.

  13. Gravatar khaled

    hehehe ho ho ho, it’s Christmas already??

  14. Gravatar William

    Welcome, welcome. I in fact used your query posts tutorials to help me redesign :P

  15. Gravatar Bryan

    Congrats man. Awesome to have you in the network.

    This is my first time seeing the site and I am an instant subscriber. Good stuff and I agree that is the best ‘acceptance’ type writeup I have read :)

  16. Gravatar Nick


  17. Gravatar kartooner

    Phu: As far as I’m concerned, you’ve belonged in this network from Day One of it being officially announced.


  18. Gravatar Zenith

    Congratulations Phu, very pleased for you!

  19. Gravatar Pauly D

    Welcome aboard Phu!

  20. Gravatar Matt

    Congratulations. Another site to add to my feeds.

  21. Gravatar Joe

    Congratulations!! ;)

  22. Gravatar anon

    Well done. Congrats. Green with envy over here.

  23. Gravatar Kathy Sierra

    Congratulations and welcome from another very recent addition to the 9rules family. I’m glad to know I’m not the *only* one who felt not quite “in the league”, but very happy to be part of it : )

  24. Gravatar Andy Budd


    Will this madness ever end?