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Release of Emire theme

There are a number of gorgeous looking themes available but sometimes what you really want is something that looks smart. Enter todays theme which I’ve entitled Emire. Emire is a theme which is just as comfortable in a commercial setting as it is on a personal site. Calm and aesthetically pleasing, Emire exudes an air of professionalism. Feel free to take a look at it on the demo site.


Design thoughts

Feeding off some of the comments on yesterday’s theme, this theme is a much more detailed affair whilst never stepping into garish territory. In particular, I like how, on the front page, the latest entry is highlighted and showcased.

As an aside, the Arsenal vs Real Madrid gameWhat a great performance by Arsenal. Hopefully, the second leg will be just as riveting meant that this theme was released a little later than I’d hoped. Trying to code whilst live Champions League football is playing in the background is probably not the ideal working environment:)

Let’s see if I can release the next theme in the “a theme a day” feature a little bit earlier tomorrow.


71 Responses to “Release of Emire theme”

  1. Gravatar Dana

    This theme seems to be missing some vital elements.There is no Search feature and all posts below the Latest Post have no visible comment link which is confusing to many ppl.

    I like the theme you use here Phu, but I think the themes you release to the public are lacking the same creativity and love.

    JMO :)

  2. Gravatar Phil Bowell

    I really like the look of this theme, but when I installed it on my test site it didn’t work. It’s still active so you can see what I get. Any ideas why??

    test site is http://test.electricweekend.com

  3. Gravatar Ben

    Visually, it is very appealing. I love the organized manner it seems to give off. The top navigation stands out enough to garner attention, yet the sidebar navigation is works well.

    I think the missing comment link makes the current latest post just that much more important. I like it.

  4. Gravatar Dana

    No Ban, all the missing comment link does is make it more difficult for ppl to navigate your site.It also leaves them confused as how to post.Not everyone is blog savvy.

  5. Gravatar Koray

    You really can’t add

    <h3><?php comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment',
    '% Comments', '', 'Comments Closed'); ?></h3>

    to the title on your own?

    (As a side note, I have never had to use HTML entities so much in a comment before. Damn wordpress formatting ;))

  6. Gravatar Phu

    “all posts below the Latest Post have no visible comment link”

    This is intentional design. If you want to show it for all entries (and not just the first), just remove the following from the style.css file


  7. Gravatar Koray

    Or that. I suppose I should take a look at the code before I spout off advice. ;)

    Either way I love this. And I’m going to ‘borrow’ the featured first post bit.

    Stunning design.

  8. Gravatar Phu


  9. Gravatar Sadish

    Looks really neat and good.

    I thank you for the work you do for the wordpress community

  10. Gravatar Sadish

    one thing. if a page has sub pages, it breaks the top navigation.

    use depth=1, in the wp_list_pages()

    as in wp_list_pages(‘depth=1&title_li=’)


  11. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks Sadish. Forgot about that in my testing.

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  13. Gravatar Angus

    Very nice theme.. oh, how I like the pretty things.. I think I’ll be using this one until my own newest creation is finished, or perhaps until your next theme of the day :)

    Keep it up!

  14. Gravatar Vidablog » Emire y Simpla

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  15. Gravatar Flemming

    Nice site

  16. Gravatar Divi Augusti

    Awesome theme, Phu. Using it right now. Cheers lots.


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  18. Gravatar taraden

    Love the look of this theme! Would love to see it on WordPress

  19. Gravatar Yuppie

    Phu, you have developed the best Themes I have ever seen. How do you do this in one day ?

    But in Internet Explorer 6.0 the sidebar of the emire theme wraps to bottom. I think it is because the 468×60 Google Banner. in css the #content has a width of 450. I couldn`t solved it yet :-(

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  21. Gravatar Doufer

    Nice! Good adiction!

  22. Gravatar Jason

    I’m using the WP-Quotes plugin (http://www.zombierobot.com/archives/wp-quotes-13-released/).

    In the header template, I replace bloginfo(‘description’) with wp_quotes_random().

    In your theme Simpla (and other themes I’ve used), the new random quote is presented with exactly the same formatting and positioning as the description previously had, but not so in Emire. Here the quote is centered. I’ve tried playing around witn the CSS for the random_quotes div, but I havn’t been able to position it right under the title.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  23. Gravatar John

    I am trying to use the Emire theme and i am with a problem and that when you create a page (to put a contact form, for example) they always appear in these pages “commentaries” and is classified within a category. I have both watched subjects that the WP2.0 brings by defect and I have seen that this problem also takes place with the subject “classic” but nevertheless it does not happen to the subject “by defect”. To what it can have?

  24. Gravatar Kevin

    How do I get the archives to work??

  25. Gravatar Kevin

    Also .. the footer doesn’t display right in IE 7
    [Edit by Phu: IE7 is still in beta and undergoing heavy revision. In fact, the recent builds (including the unreleased MIX06 build) already contain numerous fixes for issues encountered in the public Beta 2 release. It isn't sensible to be addressing 'issues' for beta releases when the releases aren't themselves stable.]

  26. Gravatar Jason

    The archive function (and everything else with this great theme) works just fine for me.

    IE7 is still in beta; a site not working right in it means very little.

    Still, why don’t you describe what “doesn’t display right” actually means?

  27. Gravatar Kevin

    Ok, take it easy ..

    I don’t care much about the IE7 issue, I was just letting you know .. The footer is pushed off to the right as opposed to taking up the full bottom … and in IE6 the footer displays about 5 lines up and also to the right .. again not a big deal.

    I actually like the theme .. I had to do some messing around with it to add things I liked, and I do agree that leaving the comments out is not a great idea. Good thing we know how to put them back in.

    As far as the Archives go .. I used to use K2 and their archives, but now this archive just comes up with a “do not edit this page” page.. and no actual Archives .. this is probably just a case of me not being WordPress savvy enough .. so can anyone help me to get this archive page actually showing my archives..?

  28. Gravatar Jason

    Whoops, didn’t mean to sound uneasy.

    While I think that IE is a terrible browser, I agree that with so many people using it, it’s important for a theme to be tested and proved to work in it.

    It’s interesting that you see such a big difference viewing the theme in IE6 than I do. For my website using this theme, IE6 shows the footer just as it does in Mozilla/Firefox, except it doesn’t anchor it to the bottom of the page (you have to scroll all the way down to see it). I wonder why yours is acting so strange. Could THAT also be related to using K2?

    As for the archives, it would appear you’re not alone. While this thread at the official forums doesn’t solve the problem, it might help you narrow down what’s wrong a little more:


    Good luck!

  29. Gravatar Kevin

    Don’t worry about it .. text doesn’t carry the same effect as spoken word, so you never know what the person is talking about ;)

    Yeah, I use Firefox and since this is only a personal site, I couldn’t care less if it works in everything .. but you know .. it would be nice ;)

    I don’t know if it’s K2 related since I’ve turned that off..

    The archives maybe a K2 problem, however if I activated it as a theme they would come up .. so who knows what’s going on there.. but someone did say that WP install doesn’t have an archive as such .. so what do you use for yours?

    btw [Phu] – I’m a Liverpool fan and I was bitterly dissapointed to see them get knocked out .. good luck in the next round..

  30. Gravatar roman-abramovich.com

    Cool theme! Thank u! I am going to try it for my blog (:

  31. Gravatar dittodhole

    i love this theme … thanks a lot!!

  32. Gravatar headpiece747

    Great theme.

    I have a problem with the header being different when viewed in Explorer vs Firefox. It is usually cutting off the picture in Explorer. Also in the sub-header where it has Home and About I added a search bar and it is fine in Firefox but makes the bar stretch in Explorer

  33. Gravatar Davide

    Hi all,
    I just installed your theme on my blog (http://dailywars.altervista.org/), nice design and flexibility. If I could help in any way just ask. ;)

  34. Gravatar Martin

    Hello Phu! Thanks for this pleasing theme. I adjusted a few things to accomodate my taste. Hope you don’t mind. You are obiously a person with good taste.

  35. Gravatar luxuryluke

    Beautiful stuff, phu!
    thanks for the contributions!

  36. Gravatar Cineaste


    Thank you very much for this great theme. It makes photos, especially B&W, look terrific. It’s perfect for my movie screenshots. Take a look if you like at http://www.moviemasterworks.com Oh, I also wanted to ask how I could enable the new WordPress Widgets with this theme. I cant seem to get them to work.


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  38. Gravatar Josh

    I just uploaded it and it’s not visible in my themes in the admin interface. Any ideas? Server is running on my PowerBook and I just copied the entire theme folder into my /wp-content/themes/ directory.

    I’m totally lost…

  39. Gravatar Josh

    Never mind…it was a permissions issue.

  40. Gravatar lr

    Regarding the IE footer issues: This is easily fixed by adding “height: 100%” to the body and wrapper styles. (Must be added to both.) The footer won’t “stick” in the viewport for IE this way and you’ll have to scroll all the way down to see it, but it’s a small price to pay to appease IE without jumping through hoops. The footer will stick in the viewport and scroll with you in Firefox.

    Also, the previous/next links appear one on top of the other. When I went to fix this, I noticed that you already have alignleft and alignright styles applied in the markup, but the styles do not seem to be defined in the stylesheet.

    With the styles defined and applied, you’ll notice they then drop below the navigation box rather than being contained within it. This is also easily fixed by adding clearfix to the nav box class: class=”navigation clearfix”. The clearfix solution is outlined at PIE.

    This is an awesome, professional-quality and very attractive WordPress theme. Amazing work!

  41. Gravatar Jason

    I’d like to alternate the coloring of the post containers on the front page like comments are currently alternated. Does anyone have any tips as to how I could do this?

  42. Gravatar Dav

    in the Loop, you can append to the “class” of the element you want to alternate, a variable, for example $alternate. You can use it like this: (class “content” is just an example)

    (out of the loop: $alternate==”";)

    div class=”content.$alternate”

    if $alternate==”" $alternate=”1″;

    else $alternate==”"

    in this way you will get two classes: content and content1 which will be alternated. Just define “content1″ in your CSS with the background-color you prefer.

  43. Gravatar hubner

    Hello, nice theme. I’m testing it on my site.
    I’m a newby and have a question.
    I get a fatal error on my site:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_num_queries() in /data/members/paid/t/o/toshi.nl/htdocs/www/wp-content/themes/emire/footer.php on line 3

    Anyone have any ideas?

  44. Gravatar Kent

    Very nice theme! Can anyone lead me to some easy directions how to make different background colour on the comments, like it is here?

  45. Gravatar Davide

    Hi all,
    I’m getting some trouble with long titles:
    if the title is displayed on two rows, the date goes over the text of the post.
    Any suggestions?

  46. Gravatar Oliver

    Wonderful theme phu! I only have one small problem, when attempting to install the theme, it would not appear, so i changed the permissions. Now I get this error:

    emire/style.css File not readable.

    Any ideas whats wrong here?

  47. Gravatar Fadzly Mubin

    I installed it on my site, it works great. Very nice design and excellent color scheme. Congratulations! Please keep up the good work.

  48. Gravatar Devlin Palmer

    This design is absolutely dazzling, I’m using it on one of my gaming fansites now. Keep it up. :)

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  50. Gravatar Jason

    I like this theme more and more Phu. Did you make the file and comments gifs yourself? I’d LOVE to see an email icon in the same size any style to use for EMAIL THIS POST links. Any advice?

  51. Gravatar Jim

    Hi Phu! I’m currently modifying Emire to “spice it up” a little bit, so I thought I’d drop a note and say “thank you” for the good-looking, yet easy-to-script theme.

    It definetly rocks! One of the best drafts ever! :-)

  52. Gravatar SonOfLiberty

    I just wanted to say thank you for your support of WP. I love this theme and use it now. The use of soft lighting is amazing!

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  54. Gravatar Six Silberman

    Hi Phu, thanks for this beautiful theme. I’m using a (slightly modified) version over at cuenv (with, of course, credit given in the footer). Thanks for all of your wonderful work.

  55. Gravatar mim

    This is a gorgeous theme. Is there any way you can make it widgets enabled? Thanks!

  56. Gravatar mim

    nevermind! I’m using it and it’s perfectly lovely. Thanks bunches!

  57. Gravatar Leon

    Hi, fantastic theme and am currently testing and modifying for own site, just one issue so far:
    In Safari 1.3.2 the background images aren’t smooth like in Camino and Firefox, they show up as solid images ? (more a Safari bug than a theme issue, methinks !).



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  59. Gravatar Escorts

    I really love this design!

  60. Gravatar Sumt

    Yeah, it’s a kick ass job! Really nice.

  61. Gravatar Oliver

    Agreed! Brilliant theme!

    Could you please let me know how to remove the “Sub headings” from the banner navigation. I’d like to have a link to the photo gallery and then people choose he gallery from there (and I’m a complete noob when it comes to CSS).

    Thanks :)

  62. Gravatar Maxheadshot

    I recently installed Emire and am going through some minor revisions. Since I’m still puzzling out CSS, I would like to find the spot where I change URL’s from light grey to the same light green color in the banner. How and where would I do that? Thank you!

  63. Gravatar Oliver


    I think what your are after is the #bbbbbb on line 283.

    Try changing it to #ffffff to try it out.

    The best way to find the green colour is to take a screen shot and stick it into an image editing suite to take out the colour using a dropper as it is an image. I think it’s something like #668899 though. Not sure.

  64. Gravatar Meble

    Indeed, You have created the best Themes I have ever seen. I’m still testing Emire theme. Thx