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Simpla theme released

Simpla Screenshot

The first offering in this “a theme a day” week is a nice, gentle affair. Simpla is a clean yet aesthetically pleasing theme that will allow you to showcase your words without distractions. Feel free to take a look at it on the demo site. If you fancy giving it a try, proceed to the theme page and download away:)

I’ve kept it pretty simple but I couldn’t resist using the excellent FamFam mini icons by Mark James:)


127 Responses to “Simpla theme released”

  1. Gravatar Jordan Arentsen

    Very nice. I like your style. Although sometimes it does seem a little too simple. Good work overall.

  2. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks; after all, simple is the new black:)
    Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another theme.

  3. Gravatar Jordan Arentsen

    How do your avatars work? Are they gravatars?

  4. Gravatar Phu

    Yep, they’re gravatars.

  5. Gravatar Andrew Hamann

    Very nice… :-D

  6. Gravatar Vkaryl

    Sooooo much better than all that “andreas” stuff. You’re a master, Phu!

  7. Gravatar Steve

    I like it. It is, indeed, simpla. But it’s classy, not just minimalist… and I like that. The bare minimum themes are an aberration… but the simple yet stylish themes are the gems.

    Of course… I always prefer the dark gray stuff. :-)

  8. Gravatar ^aNi

    Hey, thank so much for sharing, great theme indeed! I’ve installed it but seem to be having a problem with the sidebar, it looks out of place, what did I do wrong? Check out my blog to see it yourself.
    Thankyou so much :)

  9. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments:)

    …seem to be having a problem with the sidebar

    Hmm, that seems to appear sporadically i.e. it only appears on occasions in FF and if you do a refresh, it’s fine again.

    I’ll have to look into this one (though probably after ‘a theme a day’ week as it’ll be hectic this week).

  10. Gravatar anonymuis

    finally~! someone made a simple and neat theme like this, thanks for sharing!

  11. Gravatar orangeguru

    Excellent design! I love the minimalism, but also the sensitive typo. For my taste the basic text column and body type are not in perfect balance. I would prefer either a bigger type or smaller column. ;-)

    But once again – excellent work!

  12. Gravatar nate

    Aw, that’s just like my “Cleaner” theme. Ah well, we can always use less, can’t we? ;)

  13. Gravatar Patti

    Excellent! I love the simplicity.

  14. Gravatar Dana

    Again, hasn’t this theme been released already by you Phu? I love you Bro, I really do but you gotta come better than this.Stop throwing WordPress your scraps and create a bad@ss theme for the Community that we know you are capable of creating.

    Dana :)

  15. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo


    In FireFox, the Side Bar (Page, Home, About, Categories), collapses to the bottom of the page. Everything else is excellent, could you please look into this?


  16. Gravatar Phu

    Kingsley, as mentioned above, I’ll look into this one after ‘a theme a day’ week is over. It’s a FF only issue that appears sporadically (and is usually cured with a refresh) but the tight time constraints of this week long feature means I won’t be able to work on it just yet.

  17. Gravatar anonymuis

    i changed the width to percent and I hope it won’t appear on the bottom of the page. It’s weird, though.

  18. Gravatar dtm

    The side bar problem is not FF problem it’s a coding problem on your part. Fix it.

  19. Gravatar Antenore

    I love these kind of “simple” templates!!!!
    I’m moving from antenore.blospot.com to antenore.blogsome.com that it uses mediatype… So I’m going to try it!

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Gravatar Antenore



  21. Gravatar Vinny Carpenter

    Hi Phu – Great theme. Love how simple yet elegant the theme is. Are you creating a version 2 of this theme with some of the changes people are requesting? I’ve made some mods and would like to submit them, if you are interested. Thanks and great job.

  22. Gravatar Jauhari

    I love the simplicity of this theme, thanks

  23. Gravatar NixNod

    Realy Nice .. very simple but beautiful.
    Great job.

  24. Gravatar Dewang Mistry

    WOW! After searching and searching for a theme that I really like, I finally found it.. I really love this simple, minimal design.


  25. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo

    This is definitely one of the best themes I have seen.

    I am waiting for the FireFox issues to be resolved before I start using it.

    I hope the Theme Developer, will come baqck to this Theme and spend some more time developing it. I believe it has a great potential.

    [Edit by Phu: I will, though it won't be until after this feature]

  26. Gravatar Gerard McGarry

    Beautiful design Phu. Great work!

  27. Gravatar Ron

    Very nice theme Phu…

    Its too simple for me, but I’ll just have to tweak it around to suite me. Keep up the good work Phu, and can’t wait to see your now work…

  28. Gravatar Greg Balanko-Dickson

    Nice simple, compliant theme. Thanks.

    Are there plans for a ‘search’ function?

  29. Gravatar Venkat

    Really cool theme. Downloaded. Please update more themes. The way CSS also so good.


  30. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo

    Hey Phu:
    I was looking at Simpla again in the download page and it looks as if the FireFox issue is resolved.
    Do you resolve it and does the theme download contain the resolved theme or is this a ghost problem?

    [Edit by Phu: I haven't taken a look at it yet but as mentioned earlier, it's one that only occurs sporadically; I'll look at it next week. If I make any updates, I'll add a change log to the theme page and update the version number]

  31. Gravatar Prome

    Dear Phu, I resolved about the sidebar issues…

    Simply, you have to create a new div (I called it “main”) which include the div content and sidebar.
    In the CSS, I just declared the width: the content widht plus the sidebar one.

    Bye! :)

  32. Gravatar Phu

    Part of the problem is that because of the inconsistent nature of this bug (it doesn’t always appear), it’s difficult to test and fix.

    I’ve made an update; could everyone give this one a try?

  33. Gravatar dalton

    Hi Phu,
    Thanks for the beautiful template and the sidebar fix. Still showing up for me in my version of FFX 1.5.1 on Mac at home. Looks OK in FFX 1.5 on Mac at work. Weird, I know.

  34. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo [Web Analytics Blog]


    Can you post your updated code? The problem seems to appear consistently in the front page of the blog or in category page.

    I will also test PHU’s new release.

    Thanks Folks!

  35. Gravatar Prome

    Of course!
    Here it is:

    Regards :)

  36. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo [Web Analytics Blog]

    Thanks Prome

  37. Gravatar claudio

    thanks, Phu, it’s my new theme.

  38. Gravatar rabsteen

    wonderful theme. i’ve added a few things, like ajax comments and some plugins. but it really is simple but pleasing and not to mention functional. your code is well organized. thanks!

  39. Gravatar Kenn

    Thanks, Phu. I am new to blogging. The number of themes was overwhelming at first — and then I saw your new theme. I love its elegant simplicity. However, I am not crazy about the colors in blog name and blog entries. Are there options for changing them in future releases? Also, wondering if the problems loading my blog this afternoon were theme or WP related.

  40. Gravatar Osman

    The theme is wonderful! Its simplicity is so useful, I was really getting tired of complicated unnecessary details. And the code is very easy to manipulate too.

    Maybe someday you would consider a three column layout. Just for the same simplicity.

    Thank you very much, very good job!

  41. Gravatar Stew

    Well, I have to say that after trying out a few themes, this is the one I settled on for the long haul.

    I’ve made some minor modifications to the font families, text sizes and core files for my own purposes.

    There are still a few changes that I would like to make, but I am so far pleased with the overall look and feel of the site.

    Thanks for all the hard work, this theme is hot!


  42. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo [Web Analytics Blog]

    I do agree with Osman. It would b enice to see a 3 column theme based on the Simpla Theme.

    You should look up the theme labelled ProBlogger by Tim Yang

  43. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo [Web Analytics Blog]

    I just tested the latest Simpla release and the problem with the SideBar is still there in FireFox.


  44. Gravatar Kingsley Tagbo [Web Analytics Blog]

    Latest Update!
    The FireFox isue with the SideBar is gone. Please disregard my last post. I was testing the theme on the wrong website.

    Thanks Phu for an excellent Job!

  45. Gravatar Stew

    I do have one request for this theme so far, and that would be the addition of a page.php without the datestamp.

    I tried making one myself, but don’t have the time to make sure all the css and other page includes are working seamlessly.

    Having the date plastered on About pages and other static pages doesn’t look very professional and my feeble attempts to remove or edit the existing codebase has been futile.

    Still loving this theme!

  46. Gravatar bt

    Woah, you made that theme? Nice. I use that theme on my wordpress.com blog.

  47. Gravatar QTI

    Hi! I love this theme.

    Is there a one column simpla available?

  48. Gravatar Robin

    It seems at least on firefox when I click pages on my website or archives the side panel moves down to the bottom.

  49. Gravatar mini

    Wow I like it this theme.

  50. Gravatar Oompa

    I’ve modded this theme and started using it. It’s really nice. Great Job.

  51. Gravatar ‘The’

    Yet again…

    Boredom struck and I modded the Simpla theme by Phu Ly, provided by his Theme a day week. I intergrated some plugins, and added some icons. I’ve broken the long time I’ve used a k2 theme or mod. I’ll release my old theme if enough peo…

  52. Gravatar gimster

    Hi Phu Ly,

    Thanks for all these freebies you’ve made available. I really like Simpla, but the version the wordpress.com has is not your latest one. So the sidebar has that problem rectified in the lastest release (on this site) when I try to use it.

    I’m using wordpress.com’s hosting because I’m new to blogging and not much of a techie. Could you please update your Simpla contribution to wordpress.com?

    Thanks again.

  53. Gravatar Angelica

    This Simpla is really wonderfull!! I love it because it is clear and simple! But I am having the same problem with Firefox too. I hope in the next update this could be resolved :)
    Congratulations for this nice work, Phu!!

  54. Gravatar pivu

    ok, I tested the sidebar issue at Firefox. These are my findings: error occurs with more than 3 postings; if the sidebar does not appear push reload and it’s there.

  55. Gravatar Astereo

    I’m modding the theme and it’s looking great, one quick question, what’s the best way to put gravatars in the comment box without screwing up how each comment looks? Everytime i get the user comments turning to a while bg and out of line when i insert the gravatar code. Any ideas?

  56. Gravatar whatsonyourbrain

    Phu Ly has indeed “Ful-ly” mastered it, hasn’t he? This guy is amazing!!

  57. Gravatar Thought Mechanics » Blog Archive » Live Redesign

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  58. Gravatar Ralph

    After Ambiru, i also localized and translated (German) the beautyful Simpla – it can be found here

  59. Gravatar mans

    see a mashup at


    thanks for the blog theme!

  60. Gravatar Ste

    At last! a simple, minimal theme that just oooozes class and style. Thank you!!

  61. Gravatar gimster

    The updated version (1.01) on wordpress.com’s selection has eliminated the problem of the pushed-down sidebar with Firefox. Still have that problem with Internet Explorer though.

  62. Gravatar akash

    really nice theme, made this my default in wordpress.com


  63. Gravatar jennad

    Hi, Simpla is fantastic, just what I was looking for. Will you update it to work with Automattic’s new sidebar tool, widgets:


    Pretty please?

  64. Gravatar Jim

    I really like you theme. I’ve added a left sidebar and a little zen-garden look.
    Thanks again.

  65. Gravatar e9

    Phu, thanks so much for creating and sharing your beautiful work with us. Simpla looks awesome.

    On a sidenote, I’m also having the same problem as gimster with the sidebar error on IE. If anyone can help, thanks in advance!

  66. Gravatar dalton

    Whoa…it’s impressive to see all the different ways this theme has morphed as people have adopted it. I’m currently using a modified version of Simpla too.

  67. Gravatar Melanie

    Fantastic theme! I was looking for a pretty, but minimalist, theme for my site and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your beautiful design work.

  68. Gravatar Terence

    So I think your Simpla theme is the best I’ve seen. And yet, It just doesn’t show up at my themes area. As also every single theme from the A theme a day. All the others are fine (Gentle Calm, for instance). Why would that be? I’m sorry to bother you, but nobody answered me at WP Forum. Would Simpla be 1.5 only?

  69. Gravatar Arfeen Arif

    well i using advance and customized version of theme at

  70. Gravatar Sherwin Techico

    Just got started experimenting with WP for the very first time. Great theme Phu.

    @Arfeen: Do you mind sharing where and how you got that tweaked-simpla version for 2.0.2? TIA

  71. Gravatar Aparna

    hi Phu,

    I hope you could help me. I am really tired of finding out themes for my blog. The one i really liked is simpla theme of yours available in wordpress.com themes.

    The only hitch is i am not able to uplaod the photos. HAven’t you give provision in this theme to post photos? if not is there any way you can help me out.



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  73. Gravatar Aparna

    hi thanks,

    i could upload photos now. One more issue.. i am not able to post the timestamp. Else its a great simple theme..


  74. Gravatar pimentel

    can i use this theme with blogger?

  75. Gravatar Cem Basman

    (1) The links in light blue are too similar in colour of the continuous text. They should have more contrast because they are difficult to recognize in the text.

    (2) There should be also a 3-column version of Simpla. First main text column and two sidebars at the right side.

    Very good work, Phu. Keep it going …

  76. Gravatar Alex Wang

    Hmmm, there’s no paginate link. I’ve translated this into Traditional Chinese (with appropriate modifications), available at http://moonfire.twbbs.org/20

  77. Gravatar David

    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I upload Simpla and try and activate it somethings goes wrong because when viewing my blog all I see is the unformatted text of my blog (ie the blog without a theme). I tried redownloading but I get the same thing. I don’t experience this with other themes, so I’m not sure what’s up.

  78. Gravatar tecniart

    Thank you, it’s all i needed. You can see it in my spanish blog. It’s one of the cleanest themes i saw. Thank u again, nice work!!

  79. Gravatar ConTexto » Blog Archive » Nuevo blog sobre investigación: Somia

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  80. Gravatar Victor

    Where is the search box for this? How bout the archives?

  81. Gravatar Kevin Lippert

    I love and downloaded your Simpla theme; is there are way to add a banner graphic at the top of the page? And if so, to have it show only on the home page? And/or to rotate from, say, a folder of possible banner images for some variety?
    Great work, thanks for sharing it.

  82. Gravatar Jenny

    Very nice, and simplistic, theme! I am editing it a little to my liking, and I have encountered a “problem”. How would I go about to add the sidebar to the pages?

    With the PHP include the sidebar is pushed below the page content.

    Best regards,

  83. Gravatar gdsf

    gdsfg dfg dg d fdf gdg ds gdf gdfg dsg sdg fsd gdsf gsd

  84. Gravatar Robert Day

    Nice Theme. Just one thing bugging me.
    I have installed it and made some changes but my background is all white, it does not have the grey cascading into white as on all the other Simpla Themes I see, any idea on how to fix this?


    Robert Day

  85. Gravatar Tchakra

    You have to but to love this, elegance in simplicity is what this all about. Great work Phu.

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    Design Changes…

    I’ve made some changes to the design of the site, noticeably a new WordPress template.
    I started to design my own template but it was a half arsed attempt and I kept picking holes in it, so I scrapped that idea and ended up with the Simpla theme …

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    Design Changes…

    I’ve made some changes to the design of the site, noticeably a new WordPress template.
    I started to design my own template but it was a half arsed attempt and I kept picking holes in it, so I scrapped that idea and ended up with the Simpla theme …

  90. Gravatar add

    love it. but i really need RSS so i’ll hack into it a little…
    aaa… and for future, you can put some text formating for de comments textarea. ;)

  91. Gravatar cheekturner » Blog Archive » moved and reskinned

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  92. Gravatar Dave Riley

    Saw it! Loved it! My passion was immediate. I’m a Simpla person because of it. After a few hacks it’s so darn good to use.–although it played havoc with my archive as Simpla demands clean script.

    Us Simpla folk should get together and share our hacks and tweaks? In the meantime I’ll tour the home pages/blogs of the posts here.

    10/10. Love at first site(huh!)!

  93. Gravatar David Kern

    Has anyone resolved the sidebar issue in IE? I’d love to use this theme as its fantastic but after hacking away at a couple of other themes the last couple of days I’m about worn out.

  94. Gravatar dave riley

    Well, I’m not sure that it’s so big an issue.e demands clean script with no extender sideways like long url in RICH TEXT mode. If you go to my site in IE(click on my name) you’ll see it working fine –and I’ve installed it across my network of 6 sites. It ghels I guess that I have also installed a post extender hack.

    If you review your most recent posts one by one — say those on your top page — you’ll find at least one post that is exploded with add on script such as , in Blogger, massive long lines of


    will get activated or imported especially if you copy paste into the Blogger window from another text source. This is the culprit which pushed the side margin down and stops its locating itself..

    So look to your posts as the problem isn’t likely to be in your sidebar script. in this template. It’s a standard issue with formatting in IE as it doesn’t accommodate as well as Firefox does to wide posts.

  95. Gravatar David Kern


    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, you’re dead on–my practice posts have been a bit on the wide side because of the images post–I’m a photographer. I guess I’ll have to watch the size more carefully. Say, can you tell me more about the pos extender hack?

  96. Gravatar Dave Riley

    You’ll find that Simpla is ideal for importing images — I import flash media players and I like the focus the embedded item receives with Simpla.

    But in Blogger and (I think) in Picasa which works so well with Blogger you get imaging options — small/medium/large — so you should interact fine that way. Also if positioning an image and it won’t with the standard formating options in Blogger you can use this script:

    before the image and

    at the end. Where “center” can be replaced by “left” or “right”. I use that on flash players as Blogger won’t move them with its standard formatting options.

    The extend post hack is described here. The one problem with it is embedding each of your posts with and — but persevere it is easy to do routinely after a time.


  97. Gravatar Sai Krishna

    I really like the simplicity of Simpla. I use a very simple yet functional WP theme myself, namely KISS. After much theme-searching, I always find myself coming back to the simple, functional themes.

  98. Gravatar Sylvain

    I use this theme now. :)

  99. Gravatar urip

    I love simpla… but can you decrease font size of date and month? It is too big near headline.

  100. Gravatar Brian Jarrett

    Love the theme; very simple and clean. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing and releasing it.

  101. Gravatar Dave Riley

    In case you wonder: I switched to the new Blogger and my 5 blogs that employ SIMPLA transferred OK without changes to the template being evident. In fact the page will load quicker than with the old Blogger. That was my greatest fear about the change over: losing my beloved SIMPLA. But so far so good.

  102. Gravatar 欧华词典


  103. Gravatar Andrew

    Thanks very much for this elegant theme. I’m using it at WordPress.com. I’ve just written a few posts about how I chose it, customized the CSS, and widget-ized the sidebar. The first of the posts is at:

  104. Gravatar iceboy

    Very nice done!!! :)

  105. Gravatar Jurgen

    Love this, too. I’ve seen people use this with addons for UTW tags etc — would anybody care to share their tweaks?

  106. Gravatar David

    I’m not sure if it is just me, but when I download a copy of Simpla the permissions on the files are weird when I upload them via FTP. I have my FTP app to leave the permissions as they already are, so I think it must be something with the downloaded copy. Hmm, strange.

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  108. Gravatar Abdelhamid

    I’ve been for such simplicity months ago… massive thanks ^^

  109. Gravatar Shakopee

    Great theme. First saw it on used for smashing magazine. Is there a way to have thumbnails (or even images) when looking a page of archived posts?

  110. Gravatar jabbett

    Any chance you’ve ported this theme to bbPress?

  111. Gravatar Edwin

    Very nice theme Phu…

    Its too simple for me, but I’ll just have to tweak it around to suite me. Keep up the good work Phu, and can’t wait to see your now work…