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Release of Ambiru theme

I’ll confess to having a soft spot for single column designs; I like the clarity of purpose they provide and how no-nonsense they are; when you go to a blog with a single column design, your first point of attention are the posts. One of the first WP themes that I worked on was single column and it’s good to be able to develop another one for the ‘a theme a day’ feature. Give a warm welcome to Ambiru.


For me, Ambiru gives off an air of calm tranquility. The lovely header imageWhich I had a bit of help with. With the tight time constraints, I decided to ask my brother Mike if he’d could spare a bit of his time to help me develop a header image whilst I worked on the rest of the design. Much appreciated especially with the tight time constraints which he had to play with. brings a nice piece of balance to the design.

Speaking of header images and themes; back in the early days of WP, there was one theme that was so popular that it became the default theme. I, of course, am talking about Michael’s Kubrick theme. One of the main reasons behind it’s success was how easy it was for people to add their personal touch to things by changing the header image. Likewise, if you want to do the same with Ambiru, simply replace the header.png file with a 500×225 image of your choice. If you want to delve a little deeper with your customising, jump into the style.css which should be nicely organised for youLike all the themes I’ve released this week, not only are the CSS classes organised into logical blocks but I’ve also taken the time to alphabetise the properties for you. Makes things easier for you and easier for me.

So take a look at Ambiru and if you like it, why not give it a download?

Today’s note

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s left a kind comment, words of encouragements or linked to this site. This week long feature is really hard workThe smart thing to have done was to spent some time planning and doing some preparatory work before embarking on this crazy venture. Perhaps waiting till I had a free week would have been more sensible. But what is life without a bit of spontaneity and carefree rashness?, and though it’s one that I quite happily enjoy doing, but knowing that the work is appreciated makes things so much easier.


56 Responses to “Release of Ambiru theme”

  1. Gravatar Dana

    I like this one column theme Phu.I think you did a great job.I had been wanting a theme designed like this for sometime now.

    I also like the fact that the header image can be easily changed.

    Kudos :)

  2. Gravatar Dennis

    I just wanted to let you know that I worked this into my site today. I customized the sidebar a bit to include Flickr RSS, Recent Posts and Comments. Great Theme….Thanks….

  3. Gravatar Dana

    I just spent over an hour trying to get flickr to show up in the sidebar.Can you tell me how you did it Dennis?

  4. Gravatar R

    Thanks so much for the beautiful theme. I’ve converted it to textpattern, although there are a few bugs I haven’t figured out yet. I just love it. Thanks again.

  5. Gravatar josue salazar

    Phu, this is amazing.

  6. Gravatar Dennis

    Dana – can you tell me what you tried. I just used the standard Flickr RSS plugin code but placed it right under the sidebar div.

    Like this –

  7. Gravatar Dana

    Ahhh, that was my problem Dennis.I was putting the code above the div tag and that was causing major problems.I never even thought of ptting it below the div tags.

    Thank You :)

  8. Gravatar Noexes

    Great job on the theme, which I use now on my site (click my name) in a form altered enough to be sufficiently ugly (ecentually an odd hybrid with K2). But I noticed a grumble worthy limitation. I like to use lists but Ambiru doesn’t show them (you set in the CSS for all lists to basically not exist). I allowed them to work by buy cutting the universal ‘ul’ thing in the misc part of the CSS out and fixed the problems doing that causes by pasting the thing in the proper place in the ‘nav’ and ‘sidebar’ classes. I hope you understand all that, I’m not really all that good with CSS (considering all the alterations I made on my copy I doubt that mine is still valid)

    I understand that this theme was made quickly and sacrifices had to me made, but this one was too easy to fix to be left out permanently. I’m not mad though, correcting it make me feel smart.

  9. Gravatar scott

    Hi, and *Thanks* for the simple and elegant WP theme (so far all three of the Theme-a-day entries are nice — great work!)

    I know this is a silly question, but is there a container for adding images to posts/entries, or some other CSS prop I can tweak to add a little bit of padding around images?

    If you go to http://blog.finkels.net/scott you should see that the text is smashed up against the image in the first post. I don’t want to tweak the text props to fix it, and I do not see a clear spot in the CSS that pertains to images.

    Apologies if this is a newbish question.

  10. Gravatar Phu

    Thanks guys:)

    Noexes, I’ll take a look at that after theme a day week. Thanks for bringing that up.

    Scott, you can add the following to your CSS file:
    .entrybody img{margin:5px;border:3px solid #fff;}

  11. Gravatar scott

    thanks Phu! I should have been able to figure that out.

    however, it also affects emoticons, since they are imgs too. but that is probably ok — emoticons are pretty dated anyway.

    thanks again for a sweet theme, and the quick response on this issue.

  12. Gravatar Chris

    Beautiful theme … you’re always an inspiration.

  13. Gravatar Jake

    Thanks for the theme! I’ve been wanting to start a “quote blog” to accompany my real blog for some time now, and this theme inspired me to create it. You can check it out here. Thanks again, man.

  14. Gravatar amanda

    A beautiful theme, thank you! Just applied it to my site this morning. I’m a big fan of the single-column format and this is the most inspired (and inspiring!) single-column WP theme I’ve seen. well done :)

  15. Gravatar Dana

    Does anyone have gravatars enabled on this theme yet? I can’t seem to get the styling right.The gravatar just stands out like a sore thumb.

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  17. Gravatar toni

    I looked in my apache log and I noticed there are 404 for stripes.png. Does Ambiru need that file or is it a css glitch?

    BTW, I love your themes

  18. Gravatar Chelsea

    Very beautiful themes. Well done!

  19. Gravatar Steffen

    Hi! Thanks for the theme. It rocks.

    But: How can I get the Sidebar under the Navigation Bar? I don’t know …

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  21. Gravatar RainX

    Beautiful theme bro.
    Your work is inspiring.

    Take care

  22. Gravatar Jordan

    This theme is really cool, however I can’t make it work. I upload it to word press and it says the style.css file is unreadable. I tried redownloading the theme and uploading it again but still no go. It works for everyone else, so its probably something wrong on my end, but any ideas?

    Thank you.

  23. Gravatar Leonardo Nogueira

    Hi Phu ! Nice work !
    I’ve created a mod for this theme (it’s the first version) with:
    * larger content column: 780px
    * gravatars enabled
    * flickrss badge
    * Brazilian Portuguese enabled
    * Searchform on navbar

    Thanks for the base to built on ! If can… take a look and let me know your inputs…

  24. Gravatar Walker Moore

    Not a criticism. This theme is *gorgeous*. But body background image is stripes.gif, not stripes.png. And it should end ‘repeat;’ not repeat-x;

    Also, the sidebar gradient image ends abruptly if you’ve got lots of categories, a big archive, etc. So I commented out its background, and replaced it with: background-color:#484848;

    …just in case it helps anyone. :-)

  25. Gravatar Raed AlSaeed

    I love this theme!

    But how can I make it show summery on the forntpage with instead of showing the full txt?


    PS: I translated the them to Arabic :D

  26. Gravatar R.

    Cssmania has an nice variation of the ambiru theme…

  27. Gravatar Bartek

    Hey there!

    I’m using your ambiru theme and it’s great! But I’ve recently modified it, and since I’m no css/html guru, I managed to mess up the alignment somehow…

    In IE, the page is nicely centered, but in Firefox, it’s aligned to the left of the browser. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to fix this?

    Thank you,

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  29. Gravatar fvh5ba5@email.com

    ringtones free

  30. Gravatar Guillaume

    I am using Ambiru myself for my personal blog. I have modified the theme a little bit.

    Seriously your colors are aweseom and I LOVE the theme you use for Ifesle. I wish I would be able to download it somewhere

  31. Gravatar Edoardo

    Beautiful theme.
    But: there’s one where it shouldn’t be (in the categories list). As I’m using it with wordpress.com, I can’t change this by myself. I don’t know if this is caused by wordpress.com.

  32. Gravatar Edoardo

    … there is one </ul> …

  33. Gravatar mario franck

    Ambiru is perhaps one of the most elegant and nice themes I´ve seen. The only thing I don´t like is that the blog menu is at the bottom of the page. If the menu was on the top the theme would be perfect

  34. Gravatar Edoardo

    I’d let the menu at the bottom, but put a link on the top of the page, so you can jump to the menu.

    And I’d give h3 more font-size. It’s unusable like this.

  35. Gravatar jimy

    Cool theme! Thank u! I am going to try it for my blog (:

  36. Gravatar viciousBEAUTY

    [...] Heimlich, still und leise habe ich nun endlich das neue Theme Ambiru für meinen Blog installiert. Das Theme beschränkt sich dabei auf das Wesentliche. Links und Archive sind am Seitenende zu finden. Die meisten Plugins laufen auch schon wieder. Jetzt kommt noch ein bisschen feintuning (Logo/Header/etc.). Mal sehen was ich mir da noch so einfallen lasse… Posted by Matthias Filed in Machbar [...]

  37. Gravatar Tom Johnson

    Hi. I really like the ambiru theme. Ideally, I’d like each of the pages to have the yellow background that the home page does. Can you tell me how I modify the style sheet to make that happen? Thanks,


  38. Gravatar 菲

    Clarity.simple.quite. i like it very much,too.Thank you!

  39. Gravatar Ziami Anzüge

    hey, the theme is great, but i like themes witch 3 columns :) its not for me :(

  40. Gravatar Christine

    Elegant. I am a complete novice, but was amazed at the ease of setting up a blog for my students. In wordpress I havn’t found something that would allow me to change the info at the bottom to the right and left. Hopefully I will be able to ameliorate my ignorance with a bit more digging. Thanks again.

  41. Gravatar mark

    Very inspiring theme. Thanks for the base to built my blog

  42. Gravatar Sam

    very nice theme , thanks !!

  43. Gravatar Grace

    Hi Phu! I love love LOVE this theme. Any chance the width of the center column could be made to be dynamic instead of static? (Maybe make it 75% of the screen width rather than a set number of pixels?) For people using higher resolutions on their monitor it makes the page hard to read. I’m using it through wordpress.com, not hosted on my own server, so I don’t have access to make changes myself. Just something to think about if you ever come back to update it.
    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into your beautiful themes! You add an element of beauty to what would otherwise just be text on a page. :)

  44. Gravatar CAINO

    PLEASE, can you do a 2 columns version of this theme?

  45. Gravatar Craig (mars-hill)

    Hi Phu,

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve deployed Ambiru 1.0 at indietravelpodcast.com. I feel its simplicity is perfect for podcasters where the main point isn’t the site. Lovely work – and thanks heaps!

  46. Gravatar juegos

    Phu, this is amazing.