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Release of the Jentri theme

The week draws to the end and the weekend beckons allowing us to temporarily forget about the stress and tribulations of work and concentrate on R&R. With the cold weather outside, one way to relax is to curl up in bed or by a fire and immerse yourself into a good book.


Today’s offering for ‘a theme a day’ week is reminiscent of such; for me, it gives off an air of comforting sophistication and provides a lovely canvas for your thoughts and insights to reside. Give a warm welcome to the Jentri theme. Take a look at the demo site and if you find that it’s the one for you, head over to the theme page and download it for yourself.

Today’s notes

Phew. This one only just made it inOK, so I lie. I had a whole two minutes to spare:)! Unfortunately, my computer froze twice in the middle of releasing the themesNeed to fork out some money for a new machine, methinks but it all looks fine now.

Today’s design was another one that evolved as the day went on. Initially, it started off looking more cream and blue; however, that the bookish feel was one worth expounding on which, through various twists and turns, led to the one you see now.

Coincidence and perspective

Talking of twists and turns, just as I was polishing up the release of Jentri, Andrea ArbogastAs an aside, I love the design of Interllectual for it’s distinctiveness and expressiveness. publicised the release of her latest project. As Andrea notes in her entry, though we worked on the designs seperately and without knowledge of what the other was doing, we had independently used similar design elements in our works.

The other interesting point was that, though there were similarities on a layout level, each site have a totally different look and feel. One thing that I really like about her designActually, there is a lot to like, especially the cool vertical bars on the left is the balance that the wonderfully designed logo header brings to the piece. What’s makes this pertinent is that this is a good place to start customising the themes that I’ve released.

Whilst I’ve designed them to stand well on their own, I think a little bit of work in bringing an identity to your site can work wonders.

Additional notes

The lovely background is based on one of Travis Beckham’s SquidFinger creations. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it feels at home in this setting.


13 Responses to “Release of the Jentri theme”

  1. Gravatar Sam

    Favourite theme yet – absolutely love it!

  2. Gravatar Shayne

    Will you be making more themes next week?
    I know it is called, “A theme a day week”. But it has been nice seeing what you come up with everyday.
    I think I liked “Emire” the most so far. It is, as you said, profesional, calm, and smart, I also like the simplicity of it.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Gravatar Dana

    Very elegant, very classy.The dark red color really adds to the air of sophistication.

    Phu, I read on another site this was the final design.Isn’t a week 7 days… lol? That means 2 more themes should be coming.

    What will I do with my days now? I spent the week hanging around online waiting for you to post these themes everyday.

    Back to work I guess lol.

  4. Gravatar Phu

    “Will you be making more themes next week?”

    I think I’ll be taking a break after this week:) I might do this again next year though.

    “Phu, I read on another site this was the final design”

    There’s one final design coming up (which was intended for yesterday until unforeseen events popped up) so you still have something to wait for:)

  5. Gravatar John

    I can’t seem to make the right-hand side of the ‘wrap’ extend further to the right to occupy 3/4 of the screen (as is shown on your screenshot).
    On my screen, the white wrap only goes halfway across. I like it very much otherwise.
    Any tips?

  6. Gravatar agaton

    The theme is so perfect and beautiful! But it would be better if you lay the white place on the middle.. If you do that i would kiss you!

  7. Gravatar Dee

    I can’t get the sidebar up.

  8. Gravatar swissvegan

    I think I’ve discovered a bug.
    On my wordpress.com account I’ve set the options so a visitor’s comment has to be approved before it appears. This setting works fine except if I use the Jentri theme. Then the comment is listed under “Awaiting Moderation” like it’s supposed to, BUT simultaneously it appears on the blog. I’m assuming the Jentri theme is buggy because the exact same blog settings work correctly with other themes.

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