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Release of the Bosa theme

After a break in our scheduled programming, it is time to reveal the final theme in the ‘a theme a day’ week feature. Today’s theme is Bosa, a theme that is big and bold but which also carries an air of calm tranquility.


Take a look at the demo site and if you find that it’s the one for you, head over to the theme page and download it for yourself.

Today’s notes

This one underwent a quite a lot of restructuring. It flipped between 3 columns to 2 columns, colour scheme jumping from dark to light, dimensions went from wide to narrow and from elastic to fixed width.

Despite (or because of that) I think that were it not for my self imposed ‘a theme a day’ constraints, I might not have released this theme. I’m not entirely happy with this release but I said a theme would be coming so here you are. For each day’s release, I’ve tried to offer something different from what’s gone on before. Whilst I don’t think that I’d personally go with this design myself, I’m sure that it’ll catch someone’s fancy;)


14 Responses to “Release of the Bosa theme”

  1. Gravatar Dana

    This theme is Fiya Phu and I think it’s my favorite.It’s kinda tied with Ambiru right now… lol.

    I love the boldness of the green and black together.It is a perfect theme in everyway.

    It’s also great that all your themes released this week can fit any type of blog.No unwanted weird images of trees,flowers or pets that may seem awkward on some blogs.

    More theme designers should take note of this.Themes can be awsome without being image heavy.

    Thanks for all your hard work Phu :)

  2. Gravatar Dana

    Phu I may have found a bug.In Internet Explorer the sidebar background color is white whereas it is Black in Firefox.

  3. Gravatar Phu

    “In Internet Explorer the sidebar background color is white whereas it is Black in Firefox.”

    I’ve now fixed this and have updated the release. Thanks.

  4. Gravatar Dana

    There is also a problem with the sidebar in IE.


    (Is it annoying when ppl point out problems like that :) )

    [Edit by Phu: now fixed. Thanks]

  5. Gravatar JT

    I can’t get any of your templates to work with my install of WordPress. Are they only only for 1.5 instead of 2? The style sheet doesn’t load.

  6. Gravatar coxis

    there is a bug when i have subpages.
    the bug is in the look of subpages in the sidebar.

    thanx for the theme.
    looks great, i wonder how superb it would look if you use for it bright colors, white, blue……

    anyway thanx for this 6 great themes

  7. Gravatar Bjorn

    I’m trying this theme but the fonts in IE are all messed up – oversized. I think I can fix it but it seems to happen without even changing anything.

    [Edit by Phu: This is intentional design; as you mentioned, you can tune it to your own preference]

  8. Gravatar Ralph

    After Ambiru and Simpla, i also localized Bosa. You can get it from here – complete with a German locale.