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CSS Reboot anticipations

Seeing as I’ve gone ahead and rebooted, all that remains for me is to wait till May 1st and see what other designers come up with. I had a quick browse through the list and have picked out a few rebooters who are on my watch list. Whether you’re a spectator or an active participator, here are a few who you should definitely keep an eye on.

CSSReboot Spring 2006

Pick of the list

Dan Rubin

Dan’s already come up with one lovely redesign, yet he’s still contemplating rebooting? As long as he leaves some time for blogging, I’ll be happy:)

Rob Mientjes

The man with an ever so relaxed logo. I guess living in the Netherlands does have it’s advantages. Standardista, designer and only 18 to boot, I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Prabhath Sirisena

Nidahas currently has a wonderful design so I can’t wait to see what awaits us come reboot. I’m sure it’ll be lovely and I hope Prabhath continues to fuse some of his own identity into the site design.

Bryan Veloso

Bowler, DDR dancer and winner of SXSW 2006 Blog of the Year award. Apparently, he’s going back to black for this years reboot. I guess that means no more egg-rolls?

Mike Rundle

Mike’s one of my favourite designers so I’m pleased to see he’s rebooting not one but two sites this time round. As much as I hate to see the lovely BusinessLogs design go, I’m confident that we won’t be disappointed.

James Archer and Jonathan Snook

We’re always being told to go green and these guys have certainly done that. As Gordon Gecko said, “Green is good”I’m sorry. No more bad punning:).

Other 9rulers

I’m getting a bit lazy with this one but that’s only because 9rules seem to gather together a lot of designers. My last 4 mentions are 9rulers and so are my next 3. Fellow 9rulers Matt Brett, Khaled and Firda have also signed up for CSS reboot. If their current designs are anything to go by, we won’t be disappointed this time round.


OK, I cheated and rebooted early but I wasn’t the only one. Natalie rebooted with nearly a whole month to go but as she did such a nice job, we can forgive her:) Andy Rutledge and Sebastian Schmieg also both redesigned their sites this month and, though neither officially signed up to CSS reboot, both caught my eye albeit for different reasons.

Andy’s is the more conformist of the two; he manages to blend in well travelled elements into a professional and visually pleasing design. Sebastian has instead gone in the other direction; wild, edgy but most of all, unique. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no denying it’s individuality; he reminds us that we can be brave with our design and that true creativity is when you step away from the flow.

And finally, Jared Christensen is currently in the midst of integrating his redesign. It looks lovely so far; pink has never been my thing but Jared has a knack for pulling it off.

Missed something?

So those are my picks; who are you looking forward to seeing? Are you yourself rebooting this spring?


8 Responses to “CSS Reboot anticipations”

  1. Gravatar Mike Rundle

    Aw thanks Phu!!! I will tell you this, the new Business Logs redesign is more of a “realign” (if it’s safe to use that term in a non cliché way) than a full on redesign. There is a new header, new navigation, a color-inverted footer, however certain styles (like the way blog entry titles are designed) will remain the same just because I think they did a good job before. If there’s anything I can describe the new B-Logs design as, it’s “cleaner” and “less fluff”. There are fewer pages, fewer extraneous bits of information, and more to-the-point text descriptions.

    As for the himike.org design…. well, nobody will see that one coming ;)

  2. Gravatar Dan Rubin

    Thanks for the props Phu, I’m still surprised at how many people like the current short-term design (I guess non-traditional is still a good thing ;)

    Of course, the pressure’s on now to do something really nice… not sure if I can keep up with whatever Mike is going to do for himike.org though, he’s one slick bitch ;)

  3. Gravatar Sebastian Schmieg

    Also stopping by to say thanks for such kind words. Now, it seems like every comment to this entry has to end with ;)

  4. Gravatar Prabhath Sirisena

    I’m so flattered, thanks Phu.

    I shouldn’t drop the baton, so ;)

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  6. Gravatar Rob Mientjes

    Oh man! PRESSURE!

    Thanks for the anticipation, I guess, but gah! :)

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    [...] My own reboot is coming up, and I’m having a keen eye on Phu’s watchlist. [...]

  8. Gravatar James AkaXakA

    Prabhath’s is going to be really interesting :)

    Mine, however, isn’t…more of a slight reshuffle.