If..Else Log

Good day, bad day

Bad: Finding out that you’ve forgotten your house keys.
Worse: Finding out that you’ve forgotten your house keys only when you’ve made it back to front door after an hour long journey. With no-one else at home to let you in. And at around midnight. Yep, happened to me last night. Not amusing.

Good: Played in a poker tournament and received my first straight flush ever and to top it off, had it beat someone else who though they’d had the nuts. Still had a lot of work to do that but managed to finish in first place and win. It was a fairly low stakes game but a win’s a win:)


2 Responses to “Good day, bad day”

  1. Gravatar josue

    So what’d you do to get in?

  2. Gravatar Phu

    Had to turn around, and make another hour-long journey back to pickup the keys before doubling back again:(

    Not something that you want to do when you’re knackered…