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LikeIt was, of course, inevitable that shortly after I wrote this post and went live, Dan would go live with his redesign and render this whole passage moot. other designers (who are much more talented than myself), I’ve decided to cut back and redesign things around here. Unlike those designers however, I don’t quite have the guts to strip things back totally but things are pretty bare at the moment. I’ll gradually be tweaking and tinkering to put some clothes back on this plain frame

If I’m being honest, I’ve been sporadically planning and thinking about a redesign ever since Pink October came to a close but hadn’t really had time to sit down and work on things properly. However, I’ve found that bringing work out in the open is a good way to get things done and besides, if Bryan and Dan are willing to work naked, then maybe I can hide behind their shadows and try to sneak some work out as well.

Dorn Screenshot

Things will, of course, break and fall apartIt does, for example, look pretty awful in places such as the comment area (esp. the form) and on IE at the moment. whilst I twist things back into orderWhich may not be for a while. The month of the Christmas holidays is probably the worst possible time for a redesign but there’s a certain appeal to slimming down before the winter break. so apologies in advance. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. I’m tired of pixel-perfection. A bit of roughness never did me any serious harm.


14 Responses to “Undesigning”

  1. Gravatar Guillaumeb

    Wow that was a fast redesign! I personally think your artworks are much better than those cited even though I have to say they came up with interesting design in the past.

    The style prior to Dianthus was my favorite one. However i have to say I liked Dianthus a lot, it was actually the one that inspired my blog theme.
    I can’t wait to see what you are gong to release but may I suggest a screenshot gallery of your previous designs? I only saw two or three on your Flickr.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Gravatar Phu

    [...] may I suggest a screenshot gallery of your previous designs?

    Good idea; it’s actually one of the things that’s been on my to-do list for far too long. So many things to do and so little time. If only we had more hours in a day or more days in a week…

  3. Gravatar Benjamin

    Phu, I love this design! Sweet work!

  4. Gravatar Prabhath

    I like! How you manage to constantly come up with great designs, I have no idea.

  5. Gravatar Guillaumeb

    hum….it’s not done yet guys…

  6. Gravatar Guillaumeb

    mmm….this gradient background image is a real teaser for the rest to come !

  7. Gravatar Patrick Haney

    I find it funny that you say I’m a “much more talented” designer than you are considering how nice your site has looked over the years (even this “undesign” looks pretty good).

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to whatever it is you do with this thing. Meanwhile, I’m going to get back to my uglified site.

  8. Gravatar Simply A Slave To The System at Subtractions and Nouns

    [...] In what can only be described as a plethora of blog redesigns and formats this past month in preparation for the new year, it seemed only appropriate that I fellow suit and thus further develop the site itself. Ideally this new site development will allow for more time to be devoted to usability aspects, and other ideological aspirations which both publishers and develops always try to achieve but most commonly fall flat of the mark. [...]

  9. Gravatar bv

    coming along nicely. looking forward to seeing where it ends up…

  10. Gravatar Guillaumeb

    Yeh dark blue surprised me a lot …not sure what you plan but i like you to go back to dark grey colors

  11. Gravatar Wim

    Like where you going with the layout. Typography needs tweaking though, might look great on a mac, but is badly rendered on pc

  12. Gravatar Kevin Tuhumury: De belevenissen van een computer- en mediafreak » Een nieuw jaar, een nieuwe begin

    [...] Blijkbaar is dit de tijd van het jaar om je website te redesignen. Avalonstar’s Bryan Veloso is bezig met een live redesign, waardoor je stap voor stap kunt meekijken in het design proces. Ook Phu Ly van If Else is bezig met een zelfde soort proces. Net als deze twee bloggers en een aantal anderen wil ik mijn redesign op een zelfde soort manier gaan uitvoeren. [...]

  13. Gravatar GuillaumeB

    so? did you gave up the redesign or something?

    I like this one though