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I have a Wii

Nothing more need be said. I’ll write more on this later. What a journey.


8 Responses to “I have a Wii”

  1. Gravatar Chris G

    1.) YAY!
    2.) Enjoy!

    My Wii code is

    (console name is “glass”)

  2. Gravatar Dirk Gadsden

    Congratulations! It’s really hard to find a Wii where I live; really, really hard.

  3. Gravatar GreyFox

    I got one as well. Very nice. I like the web browser, too. I have been waiting since I got it on launch.

  4. Gravatar Luke

    Woo me too. Hope your having as much fun as I am!

  5. Gravatar Phu

    My console name is “Dudley”
    My wii code is 2124 2100 3914 4237

  6. Gravatar Auke

    Way cool! Can’t wait to get one myself.

  7. Gravatar totalrandomdude

    i dont have a wii but i dont wana get one ps3 is way better. even xbox 360 is and i really hate xbox.

  8. Gravatar MiiGolfer

    Fantastic, now you need to go get Tiger Woods PGA and have a few rounds of Golf. In not Wii Play is a damn good alternative.