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Thief takes the piss

…police are looking into it. Joke becomes reality as Southampton police investigate the theft of a pub urinal.

On an aside, I’ve reverted back to the old theme until I can properly find time to sit down and work on redesign. Unfortunately, my post-christmas R & R went on for a bit longer than I’d planned.


5 Responses to “Thief takes the piss”

  1. Gravatar Kyle Korleski

    Well the old theme looks pretty damn good, if I may say so.

  2. Gravatar Richard

    The current theme is hot, I agree.

    What are you planning to put on instead? Or is that Apple-esque secret? :-)

  3. Gravatar Matt

    Who would steal a pub urinal?? I agree also that the old theme is awesome!

  4. Gravatar Jack Podolsky

    He, he wouldn’t you feel stupid working as a policeman and investigating theft of a pub urinal?! I know policemen are not too intelligent but this is too much even for them…

  5. Gravatar Daniel

    Maybe someone wanted to install the urinal at home instead of the classic toilet?