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Making a taser with TESCO Value

How to make a Taser for £2.67. I might try this out:)

I couldn’t help but grin at some of the comments…

I made one of these things and my dad said i wasnt smart enough to make a taser thing so i told him to touch the two wires while it had been charging and he did it and he screamed and fell on the floor. it was realllly funny. then i got grounded :(


10 Responses to “Making a taser with TESCO Value”

  1. Gravatar Dylan

    >dude i made this if i stuck on my mates arm would it do damage because i did it too my rabbit and it knocked it out!!!!!!


  2. Gravatar Dirk Gadsden

    That is totally awesome! Now I want to try to make one!

  3. Gravatar interactive richard: web/print design, logos, branding and stationery

    [...] I originally discovered this over at If..else. [...]

  4. Gravatar Anonymous

    i shocked my brother and he was knocked out 4 over an hour

  5. Gravatar Anonymous

    bullshit, 1.75M volts is maximum non-lethal power and that will stun to the floor for about 2-3 minutes.

  6. Gravatar master

    Ey thats master..!

    I wish i can make a thing like thet..:):)

  7. Gravatar blobby

    the guy hu shoked his rabbit dusnt deserve 1!!

  8. Gravatar macca

    no really you lot are pussies lol never mind ur dad it dont hurt that much, although it does hurt :P tesco value all the way (Y)

  9. Gravatar noddy

    i prefere sainsburys value cameras even though they r exactly the same

  10. Gravatar brad

    i cnt make 1 i used a differant camera an it dunt wrk