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New year tumbleweeds

In case you’re wondering about the lack of updates, it’s because
a) my home phone line has been dead for the last couple of weeks and hence, no web access. Thank you BT.I generally head over to my parent’s place on Sunday for dinner and there’s net access at work so I’m not totally internet-deficient but it is a major pain.
b) my MacBook battery has died.

I would like to say that this has allowed me to reflect on our over-dependence on technology and the WWW but in all honesty, I just want my Google back.


3 Responses to “New year tumbleweeds”

  1. Gravatar Brian

    Sorry to hear that. Email me if you need anything googled….oh wait..hehe. nevermind ;)

    I do hope things get restored.

  2. Gravatar Artem

    It’s a pity… I am reading your blog and finding some very interesting tips and news here… hope you will continue to inform us :)

  3. Gravatar Gregor

    I agree with you, people are way too much dependent on technology.