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The Real Story of JPG Magazine

Derek writes about JPG magazine and why he’s no longer part of it. [via]

13 ways to choose a typeface

Careful, though: some typefaces work too well. Frutiger has been used so much for signage programs in hospitals and airports that seeing it now makes me feel that I’m about to get diagnosed with a brain tumor or miss the 7:00 to O’Hare.

Michael writes on making typographic decisions. A wonderful read as always.

2 for 1 voucher for Wagamama

If you thinking of going to Wagamama’s this month, then here’s a nice little 2 for 1 voucher for you.


Just don’t ask how I found myself on handbag.com…Well, OK. A friend told me about it… honest:) :)

Flying cold

The British Mediterranean Airways flights between Heathrow and Cardiff have been taking off six days a week since October despite having no passengers.

They have not appeared on departure or arrival boards, none of the 124 tickets were sold and all passenger seats remained empty [...] Industry experts said the incident was rare but illustrative of an airline protecting its highly sought-after landing slots at Heathrow, which have been known to fetch up to £10m each. An airline needs to make at least 80% use of its allocation over a six-month session to preserve the entitlement or it risks seeing rivals take over the slot.

I’m surprised that flying empty could be considered the best option in this situation…

New year tumbleweeds

In case you’re wondering about the lack of updates, it’s because
a) my home phone line has been dead for the last couple of weeks and hence, no web access. Thank you BT.I generally head over to my parent’s place on Sunday for dinner and there’s net access at work so I’m not totally internet-deficient but it is a major pain.
b) my MacBook battery has died.

I would like to say that this has allowed me to reflect on our over-dependence on technology and the WWW but in all honesty, I just want my Google back.

Making a taser with TESCO Value

How to make a Taser for £2.67. I might try this out:)

I couldn’t help but grin at some of the comments…

I made one of these things and my dad said i wasnt smart enough to make a taser thing so i told him to touch the two wires while it had been charging and he did it and he screamed and fell on the floor. it was realllly funny. then i got grounded :(

50% off Yo Sushi voucher

Here’s a new year gift for all you Yo Sushi lovers. A 50% off voucher for use at Yo Sushi between the 15th and 31st of January. Be sure to make sure each person has their own voucher.


Thief takes the piss

…police are looking into it. Joke becomes reality as Southampton police investigate the theft of a pub urinal.

On an aside, I’ve reverted back to the old theme until I can properly find time to sit down and work on redesign. Unfortunately, my post-christmas R & R went on for a bit longer than I’d planned.

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I have a Wii

Nothing more need be said. I’ll write more on this later. What a journey.