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Having had a similar reaction to twittering as Mr Hicks, I decided to start writing a post on social networks and relationships management only to find that others have already done so.

This is what happens when you don’t keep up with the blogosphere…

A little bit of SEO

Whilst I wouldn’t say I am the most active seeker of traffic, I have to confess that there is a certain pleasure in seeing traffic flow in. Hence, when a thread on unusual search phrases popped up on the 9rules forum, it brought to mind the topic of Search Engine Optimisation.

Fellow 9ruler Neil Patel, who did some SEO work for me recently, has a number of posts covering the subject Worth subscribing to if you’re interested in SEO or online marketing but as he’ll point out, many of important things you could do to your site to aid SERP ranking are also sensible and common-sense.

Using semantic markup, dynamic meta tags, usable title names, pretty permalinks, alt and title tags; as well as aiding SE discoverability, it’s comforting to observe that, just as importantly, they all have the side effect of improving usabilityOr is that backwards? Is SEO a side-effect of optimising and improving usability for users?.

There are downsides to SEO however. Finding out your highest commented posts aren’t your more serious pieces but are instead less important pieces such as this one on MGS 4 and Yahoo Passwords can be a bit deflatingThough, I’ll admit, that MGS comment thread kept me hooked for ages..

Mephisto Simpla theme

Justin informed me earlier this week that Mephisto, the RoR blogging system which he and Rick have lovingly crafted, has just had a new release and is now using a Liquid powered Simpla as it’s default theme.

I’m a bit late in posting this but great work guys.

Photomatt’s redesign

I’m really digging Matt’s redesign.


Lovely stuff. Makes me jealous:)

MT upgrades are scary

It’s posts like this one which gives instructions on how to safely upgrade MT that make me glad that I went with WPWhen I started this blog, the choice was basically down to a homegrown solution, WP or MT. In the end, I plumped for WP due to the ease with which I could use, modify and extend the system..

There’s a revealing comment by Elise further on in which she writes the following:

You can delete the old [backup] directory. But I wouldn’t right away.
Problems and issues have a way of cropping up unexpectedly. I think I waited at least 6 months after my upgrade to MT3.2 before I deleted the earlier directory.

As Angie writes, whilst such posts are extremely useful, they shouldn’t need to exist in this day and age. Software shouldn’t be this difficult to use.

Good day, bad day

Bad: Finding out that you’ve forgotten your house keys.
Worse: Finding out that you’ve forgotten your house keys only when you’ve made it back to front door after an hour long journey. With no-one else at home to let you in. And at around midnight. Yep, happened to me last night. Not amusing.

Good: Played in a poker tournament and received my first straight flush ever and to top it off, had it beat someone else who though they’d had the nuts. Still had a lot of work to do that but managed to finish in first place and win. It was a fairly low stakes game but a win’s a win:)

Wagner uncensored

Penetrating Wagner’s Ring? Someone’s clearly had fun evading the censors.

Reading on, it’s clear that the readers has cottoned on and run with the joke with his review:

Despite it’s massive appeal, each person can have their own, intimate experiences within and surrounding The Ring. Although the man himself is no longer with us, his Ring will remain in the memory of all those who have previously admired it. This book is a great tribute to the man and his Ring, delving into areas previously uncovered. The Ring has entertained me in times of sadness and joy – and can even cause me to brim over with inspiration [...]

An excellent piece of work on Wagner’s Ring, getting right to the bottom of this seminal work. To my mind, his writing is absolutely cock-on, and a great roadmap to anyone exploring the Ring for the first time.
Wagner’s Ring, whilst large and expansive, exerts tight control over all who are prepared to delve in there, and this book really does give it that final polish.


Gender via text analysis

Apparently, I write like a girl…

Inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine, the Gender Genie uses a simplified version of an algorithm developed by Moshe Koppel, Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology, to predict the gender of an author. Read more at nature.com.

Clearly, I need to write about sports more…

GM marketer’s chemistry failure

Someone at GM clearly flunked chemistry

H2O or HO2

Who wants to be the first to tell them that the 2 in H2O states that water has two hydrogen atomsAnd not, as implied by their picture, two oxygen atoms which is something totally different.?

Toshiba headcase

Quite what the guys at Toshiba were thinking when they decided that sticking a monitor on your head was a good idea.

Toshiba Headgear

I’ve grabbed a screenshot of the story as Mainichi news didn’t provide a decent permalink for the story.