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Bosa theme

In action

Bosa is a calm, serene theme developed for WordPress. Take a look at the demo site and see what you think or head on over to the blog post to find out more and post a comment.


Legal Stuff

This theme is licensed under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Download and Installation

You can download Bosa here. After you download the theme, you’ll need to extract it to your <WP_INSTALL>/wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WP and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.


This theme costs exactly £0.00 including tax :-) There’s absolutely no obligation to pay anything at all. If you like it enough to use, then feel free to send a link back this way or even an email. If you really like it, then of course my Amazon Wishlist is always open for friendly donations:-)


Version Date Description Files changed
1.0 26/02/2006 Initial release n/a
1.01 26/02/2006 Fixed ‘sidebar white background’ bug in IE style.css, wrap.gif
1.02 26/02/2006 Fixed ‘collapsing sidebar bug’ in IE style.css